My New Home Gym Setup!

So I finally scraped some dough together and got a new home gym filled with CrossFit equipment. I went with a squat rack with pull-up bar, olympic bar, and 160 lbs in bumper plates. I’m local to the folks at Rep Fitness so it was easy to just go by and pick up the stuff I needed.

So far, I love it. The rack I got is called the Catapult rack and even with the 2×2″ tubing it’s super-solid. The bar has a great feel to it and the sleeves spin well enough to do some Oly lifting. The plates I got were awesome–very low bounce and fit well on the bar.

I feel like this will let me workout a lot more frequently because it’s so tough to make it to the classes at my local CrossFit gym because it conflicts with my work schedule. I ‘could’ go to their 7am class, but I really like working out in the early evening after I’ve had some dinner. This is going to let me do that, plus saves a ton of time commuting to the gym and money on monthly dues.


CrossFit games qualifying going on now

It’s that time of the year again! The games qualifiers are going on all over the country, and everyone that wants to have a shot at claiming the title of “World’s Fittest” is showing up to show what they’ve got. But it’s not just the people who have a shot at winning who show up to compete. Anyone that just wants to have fun and see what they can do compared to the qualifiers shows up to test their mettle. The games is always a fun time of year and brings out the type of camaraderie that CrossFit is known for. People cheer each other on, and cheer on their competitors because it’s all for fun and fitness. People come there and _want_ to see records broken. Freaks doing unbelievable feats of strength and endurance. It’s what the Games is made for, and we love it!